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early retirement

While I was passing time in the dentist's chair this afternoon Bill Gates and company streamed live from Washington to CNN with an important announcement. Seems that Hoss's buddy is going to call it quits two years from now. Of course he's not been CEO of Microsoft for some time, but chief of R&D where they invent new versions of Windows to annoy us with. Also, it keeps Dell in business so that they can continue to prey on the innocent consumer who doesn't read the fine print. It's almost time to buy laptops for college! Yay! they say.

Gates is the same age as myself, half a century old. As I watched, the analysts spouted forth opinions about the strength of the company and how this strategic move will affect the market, i.e. your retirement money. It got me to thinkin' about how the stocks would react if Poopsie just said to hell with healthcare and took off on a boat to Fiji like Truman did. I don't imagine anybody on Wall Street will have a heart attack or anything *snort* None of it makes a damn to me because I cashed in the old 403b so I could survive post-divorce. No rollover to 401K there, dude. I reckon it was a good investment because I'm still kickin' four years later.

It never was about the money for me, which is a mighty good thing. It's always been about the patient and their family and serving them well. You don't always save a life, but you can always make a difference in some little way.
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