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Journey of a thousand tiles
TaDaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am officially retired from the tedious business that sprang from YaYa's generous donation of her leftover navy and gray ceramic tile. Actually I think she just wanted the boxes out of her garage so b'friend's boat would have more room:) I can be such a stubborn bitch perseverant soul when I set my mind to a goal, and this one has been nagging at me for months. After work today, I finally finished the bathroom backsplash. If you are ever sittin' on my potty and think to yourself " Gee...those grout lines are crooked as hell" please don't say it out loud. I might have to shoot you and that would be bad. I'd hate to have to clean blood off of that brand new tile. Alas, no pictures because SugarDaddy hasn't come through with a camera yet. Don't you wish you could see those cute widdle baby kittens????

Here's what it looked like before. I'm thinking the walls will be pale yellow or coral. bathroom It's been lookin' this way for a year or so until the spirit moved me to slap some tile and primer over that mess. Actually the spirit said " OK then...ain't it time for some home improvment in THIS tacky room???"

Speaking of kittens..the babies have their eyes wide open now but they're still hangin' out in my closet in a cluster. Princess Mama Cali leaves them alone for longer periods and gets out to enjoy some solitude now and then but we're far from an empty nest. I was wondering out loud why I never see any pee or poop in there when BabyGirl pointed out a possibility I never thought about. I'm glad I didn't have to do that with her.

I guess y'all heard on the news where Al-JaBadGuy got the crap bombed out of him and his little posse. The really scary thing, to me, is that there are a bazillion other evil clones ready to step up and take the mantle from him. It's time for it to be over. We will not win that one because, well. They hate us.
poopie's perspective

Read today that our old buddy the dung beetle king is on the road again, as Willie would sing. I've still got ten bucks worth of Jack here, genius whiz. Love ya...mean it.

That's all we know in PoopieLand. How about y'all?

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