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memo to the boss
To: Big Ernie
From: Poopie
Re: Life as I Know It

Dear Big Guy,

Yep, it's me again. Thanks for the plateau period where things weren't exactly great but nothing went drastically wrong. I'll take plateau over peaks and valleys any day because, well. I'm too old to be doing that up and down crap without SugarDaddy. Please see the following items that indicate to me that a slide is about to begin again:

a. The riding mower won't engage the new blades. At all.
b. That little light on the console in my car that has *never* come on before
is now red.
c. Faith disappeared again and was returned to me yesterday by some guy with a
shop right next to the major-busy-highway.
d. The kid is intending to start back to college again in two months. An hour
away. With no vehicle. And no financial aid because her mom is "middle
class"..working middle class. Which is one bill away from working poor.
e. My friends are leaving Friday for Gulf Shores, my favorite beach.
I haven't been anywhere in three years except to the hardware store and
work. Can we work on that while I can still get there?
f. Sex? I'd settle for being held by someone with whom I am comfy. That
makes it easier to cry and let it out so I can keep on jousting at
windmills and being the *faithful* one.
g. Work is not bad right now. Thanks for the way you balance things out
like that.

There are some folks I'd like for you to give a little extra blessing to because times are changing for them too. Pardon me for not placing bullets before my petitions. You know everything so you can figure what they need without my editing.

This wedding is coming up soon. They've been patient and kind and loving. That's the kind of marriage I'd like to have someday.

Mom has graduated from a full cast to a boot. She still can't put weight on the foot and has a long way to go, but she's got Daddy right by her side. Her sis, Aunt Granny, is all banged up from a major fall. Gettin' old is definitely not for wimps, except maybe Moses and Noah.

Jennifer is working her way through a huge disappointment and is writing like the champ that she is. Thanks for introducing her to me early in my b**gging career.

I've been thinking a lot about Phyllis because I know those painful feelings of loss and grief all too well. She's slowly and surely discovering her life without Donnie and I'm experiencing every minute of it with her. Virtually, of course.

Vicki and her family finally found a bit of closure inn the loss of their dear Janet. The picture posted at her place says faith to me like none other I've ever seen.

There's this tough broad named Jules down in Texas who has discovered the therapeutic power of burnin' shit like I do. She's gonna' be a teacher...a damn good one.

Several of my friends are gathering in Colorado soon to meet and greet. If you could, please hold the price of gas below three bucks for them. They're workin' folks just like me and you.

P.S. Sorry about that tithing thing. I'm paying as I go.

P.S.S. Thanks for all the people who make me smile. You know who they are :)
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