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Picture this, if you will. I'm sitting here in my "girls just wanna have fun" nightshirt listening to "that 70's show" on TV and happy as a pig in mud to be home alone with the sleeping Faith snorin'on my bed in all of her choco-lab glory. In the words of Captain Lee, my retired pharmacist friend..."I'm tired as if I'd been ironing." Weary is more like it.

The kitties are beginning to wobble out of the closet when Mama Cat gives them the pep talk to get offa her tits and out of the box. I suppose some would call it bitching. My opinion is that she just wants her life back.

Meeting mania week is finally over. I seriously have to wonder what kind of twisted mofo would schedule a meeting at 3PM on Friday afternoon..out-of-town when he could just do a newsletter or get his newly hired administrative assistant to do something besides pass out cards and security badges. Way back in another life I was a clinical instructor for her lab students. Come to think of it, the bitch reminds me of Risible Girl's quiet car nazi. I can't wait to research her habits and report back to Dr. Lori on my findings. If only Tracfone had a camera model I could kill two birds with one stone.

Did I say TGIF?
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