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rites of summer
There are certain things that just scream summer to me, and I've managed to enjoy several of them today while away from the sawmill. When I was out mowing this morning I noticed that my stargazer lily is blooming. They used to be everywhere, but now there's a single plant with multiple blooms. I snipped one off and enjoyed the aroma while I was in the kitchen cleaning peaches and cream corn in the ancient porcelain sink. Daddy showed me where the ready corn was yesterday but I had on shorts and was umm...shall we say...anxious to get out of Mr. Snake's territory with my bare legs. I went back today with jeans on and got all I wanted. Luckily it was cool enough to sit outside under the back yard maple tree cross-legged, shuckin' those ears and enjoying the day.

Fireworks stands are popping up around here about as quick as Methodist revivals. My parents always told me time would move more quickly as I got older. Damn if they weren't right. Baby brother and his bride are here from Virginia for a visit. We sat outside and watched yesterday's sunset in all its' glory from the coolest spot on the farm. The cicadas, or "ree-a-rees" as we call them, were all tuned up and ready to sing. Then we ate fresh grilled produce from the garden. Doesn't get much better than that.

Y'all might remember that my cousin Debbie in Kentucky has recently become a chicken farmer. On day one of the adventure, Ronnie's dog killed a hen. She's been giving me frequent chicken updates by phone and today's bulletin goes like this:" The pullets have been eatin' the eggs that the hens lay which is sooooo counter-productive to the whole raising chickens thing. The solution? Have those young girls practice sitting on plastic Easter eggs." I kid you not. More later from the girls and their roosters.chickens I can't wait to hear about the banty struttin' in all his glory. Little guys do tend to have that syndrome, ya know.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...my dining room table is topped with a bouquet of summer's best flowers consisting of blackeyed susans, tiger lily, daisies and some other stuff that I don't know the name of but looks pretty. And I'm headed to take a nice long bubble bath and shave my legs.

One never knows when one might get lucky.

*wink wink*
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