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vertigo + hot flashes
Trust me y'all....it ain't pretty. Today was a work day for me and I wandered around for the first four hours not quite sure what planet I was on. Must be from all the quality time spent in the basement with the boy roommate. We're slowly but surely sifting through his *life* in boxes and getting the place cleaned up and half-ass organized. There's a lotta mold down there. And dirt. And spiders. And cobwebs. We shall overcome them all in baby steps.

I'm not quite sure if the hot flashes are "those" kind or just the summer-in-TN variety. Whatever the cause, my lovely brow is usually beaded up with sweat unless there's a fan or AC vent blowing directly on me. Like I said before, forget the hair and makeup during the summer months in the South. Just put on a spandex top and shorts and make the best of it until Halloween.

I was out watering the flowers a while ago and realized how very much I miss my camera. IF that recruitment bonus materializes in August, that will be the first thing I look for. And it won't be Kodak this time around. The yard is close to full bloom right now with daylilies, daisies and all manner of flora vying for the prize as eye candy of the day. The hostas are about to bloom as well. I've got this crazy anal retentive aunt who chops the bloom stalks off of her hosta because it gets on her nerves all stickin' out there. Sheesh..thank goodness that's not hereditary.

That bonus money will come in handy around October when I plan to fly to Virginia to visit my brother and his wifey for the first time since they moved two years ago. They always drive back home through West VA and Kentucky, but it's a good twelve hours and I hate.to.drive with a passion. They live close to Walton's Mountain which was the highlight of my parents' trip there last year. We always were big Walton's fans and still hold the values close to our hearts.

Goodnight John Boy.

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