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home alone
....and loving every minute of it. BabyGirl is visiting friends for the weekend and the boy roommate is no longer here *grin* so it's just me and the critters. The kittens are beginning to eat solid food so I imagine they'll go to their new homes in a week or so. They're rolling around on the floor playing with each other as I type. Too.Cute.For.Words.

Temps are hovering around a hundred here in West Tennessee, but the humidity isn't too bad because there's been no rain for awhile. The cotton here on the farm is gorgeous...just enough rain and of course, it thrives on hot weather. Not me buddy. I'm hunkered down under the AC lookin' for fall. It won't be long before my Mom and I can "see" it with our mystical gift. I'll let you know when the sighting occurs.

I've spent today catching up on b**g reading. This past week I've not visited many of you because, well..I dunno why. Forgive me? I knew you would. I have a return authorization to send the camera to be fixed but it may not turn out to be feasible. I never realized how much I depended on that camera as inspiration for posting. I guess that makes me about 50/50 writer and photographer. And 100% smartass.

The remodeling continues slowly but surely. It's a good thing I'm more laid back than when I was younger. Back then, it would have driven me crazy to live in the mess that is my house. Now, I just see possibilities everywhere I turn. There are light fixtures to install and trim to cut and paint and put up. Repairs to windowsills and hardwood floors to be refinished. It will get done eventually. Hopefully. Before I die!

The chigger bites, though still there, are losing their itch. I found myself lifting up my shirt at work all week to show 'em off like some kind of badge of honor. All anybody could say was "Bless your heart." I've had a bite here and there before, but NEVER anything like this. I've got some SEVIN stuff to put on the yard if it ever cools off enough. Hopefully that will kill the mothas dead.

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! I hope to visit your country someday...there are so many things about it that I admire, particularly the healthcare system. While I realize that there are extended waits for some procedures, at least it is equally accessible for all and doesn't end up bankrupting people for basic care. The end-of-life care delivery system is outstanding because it focuses more on comfort than futile care in situations where cure is not an option.

How's that for a mind ramble?

Y'all take it easy and enjoy the fireworks wherever you are!
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