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adventures with the water hose
I've had cabin fever from being cooped up under the AC to survive sweat less so I took this afternoon to get out and play in the water...only way to bear the heat. After washing my car I moved onto the siding and porches and the central AC unit which are all covered with dirt and green stuff. Pressure washing the entire place is what SHOULD be done, but hey..no $$ in the budget for that nonsense. I am surrounded by cotton fields and pasture...it'll just get dirty again.

Hat tip to Phyllis for the link to this site where bloggers can sign up to pay tribute on their own sites to one of the victims of 9/11 on the fifth anniversary next month. It makes it all a bit more personal than simply repeating the huge number of lives lost on that tragic day.

Michael suggested doing a Google calendar for the birthday thing which sounds like a winner to me! He helped me with the code and it's there on the sidebar below the blogroll. I added everyone who has responded in comments so far...but you can add yourself and I encourage you to do so. Organization ain't my strong suit, I'm just saying. Click on the calendar and it will bring up the current month. Toggle to your birth month, double click on your birthday and "add an event." If you don't want to mess with it, email me and I'll do it for you. If you don't, no presents for you!!

The yellow kitten who can't meow is on crack and I will kill the dealer dead when I find his ass. This girl is a real curtain climber at all hours of the day and night. Notes to self: Buy more benadryl on payday. Pick up John Deere. Get Funkmonster tickets from Bubba. Party time!

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