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battle of the butts
I usually do my shopping at the dollar store whenever possible but there are times when you just have to venture out to the major chain grocery store and this was one of them. I headed straight to the meat department to pick up a couple of pork tenderloins that were on sale...that's the only time I buy 'em. So I'm picking my way through a cluster of folks who are waiting for the meat lady to bring some more of the (also on sale) boston butts. For y'all northerners, boston butts are what we make barbecue out of down here. Real PORK bbq. Anyway, here comes meat lady rolling in a tiered tray covered with those suckers and that's where the trouble started. She's pitching 'em into the case and this old guy and a middle aged lady and her mother start scuffling over one particular piece of meat that they both wanted. As their voices got louder I kind of slunk on down out of their way and moved onto seafood. "Fine lady!" he growled. "Just TAKE it!" After he stormed off us observers shook our heads in dismay at just how rude some people's kids are. *snort*

Met YaYa at the kudzu bar yesterday afternoon for a few happy hour brewskis. We're all seriously considering rehab after her week long 50th birthday celebration last week. But then we think, nah. Life could be over tomorrow...drink beer first and forget dessert. You gotta love a bar where you can take your dog in with you, I'm just sayin'. The owner's poodle pom keeps her company during the day before the after-work crowd comes in. Yesterday she was joined by the vet's border collie. They both cruised the crowd and got lots of pats and hugs. Speaking of dogs, I splurged on a pair of those professional nail clippers for my two. Now I've just got to figure out how to knock them out to get the job done. The lab does pretty well, but that little rat terrier goes into a shaking conniption fit every time I even touch her paw 'cuz she thinks I'm trying to cut her nails. Hmm..wonder if Benadryl would work???

I've gotten realistic and moved the paint cans to the basement steps so we don't trip over them anymore. If and when the handyman/sugardaddy shows up, I can always drag them back out. Rollers and brushes too. And ceiling fan and light fixtures. And crown mold and inside corner trim. Actually, I'm quite proud of the progress I've made in sorting through stuff. A lot has been pitched and burned....the guy who put shoes on the horses thought it was a real hoot that I burn garbage in the gravel driveway :) There are boxes that are labeled and actually contain what the label says. There's still a lot left to go, but it will have to wait until the attic cools off. Baby steps and all that.

Gee...If my life got any more exciting I don't know what I'd do.

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