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gettin' personal
I've been doing research this past week on the 9/11 victim who will be honored here on the fifth anniversary of that tragedy. Like you, I've seen the footage and read the stories, but nothing prepared me for the emotional intensity of digging around in the life of one of the victims to give proper homage to that particular human being. It has become even more important to me considering the near miss events of the past week in London. That such a large population of people hate us as a country badly enough to plot and scheme for years to kill innocents is a very sobering thought. What is even more frightening is to note that the number of coalition deaths in Iraq will soon reach the 2996 mark as well. Does that make us even? I think not. That doubles the number of people who have died because of radical Islamic terrorism. Do the math, y'all.2996-6

I've put all the dates on the birthday calendar that have been sent to me. Can you view it and go from month to month? If not, let me know and I will get some "technical assistance" from one of my uber-geek friends on fixing it.

BabyGirl and I went car shopping for her today and found just what she needed at an affordable price. She's headed back to college in a couple of weeks to major in social work. Wonder where she picked up that particular interest? There was a sharp lookin' convertible in the showroom that I will be driving as soon as SugarDaddy hooks me up...When I find him....If I have time left over from being a smartass redneck big hearted country girl to even LOOK for his invisible self.

Don't forget there's a blogger cookbook being put together by Wendy and she needs your help! If you want the secret recipe for my triple chocolate pound cake, you better check it out. It's sinful, in a death by chocolate sort of way. Gotta make one on Monday for my boss who turns SIXTY on Tuesday. Sheesh. Old geezer :)
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