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Finally! An afternoon cool enough to play outside comfortably. Ahh..autumn, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Nevah mind...too many to count. Moderation is the key, especially when it comes to temperature. I've been busy planning my birthday while out frolicking amongst the flora and fauna and critters. It's a really cool idea, ya know? I've been relentlessly working on this old house and its' acreage trying to get it into shape so I can lay down and read books find SugarDaddy in my spare time. I'll definitely need his assistance when the next electric bill comes due. So here's the plan...my birthday is on a
saturday...September 9th to be exact. I don't have to go to work and you can't make me. I'd love nothing more than to wake up and know that the whole day was mine with friends who are willing to do one.little.thing with a tool or on a ladder to make this place what I've dreamed of during the solitary days and nights spent digging through old carpet and dusty boxes. All you have to do is make an appearance...I'll put the coffee and doughnuts out early and fix sammiches for lunch if you'll just help an old girl out. We could roast weenies over the fire and look at pecan futures. Ask BabyGirl...I can't handle all that's involved in maintaining the homeplace. Wasted ten bucks today on a handle for the storm door that Faith ate when I cut the little stick thingy too short. Mechanical minded, I ain't.

Call for directions ^j^
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