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how i spent my summer vacation

1. It was hot for a long long time and then there was a pleasant day or two and now it's hot again. Such is August in Tennessee, thus saith the Lord. A hundred today and tomorrow and the next day and the next d...

2. My riding lawnmower has been in the shop for two weeks now. The lawn yard is in desperate need of a good bushhogging. Or a herd of hungry goats. Suffice it to say that we will not be winning beauty spot of the week anytime soon.

3. The kitties are still scrappy and cute and ummm...about three months old now? I've lost track of time, just like my Daddy said I would when I got older.

4. Got my prize in the mail the other day for B4B. Tickles me to death to find a surprise in the mailbox with my name on it.

5. This old house is actually beginning to look like my own. It's been too hot to do anything else, so I've been digging through the past and hanging stuff on the the walls. It's actually been fun!

6. My Mama is learning to walk again following several months with a broken foot from her Easter wreck. The boys and I know that she spends summers indoors anyway, so this wasn't much of a big thing except for the sleeping on the couch and not taking a shower part. As a bonus, Daddy now knows where everything is in the kitchen :)

7. We've been a one car family for several years now so I'm thrilled that BabyGirl has her own ride and we don't have to do the tedious work of figuring out how to get where we're both going. Little things make all the difference, ya know? Like Bernie the Cat lounging in the background.

8. I get out more these days because it's time to move on. Four and a half years of soul-searching is just about right for a girl to figure out what's what. All of my ex-therapists would be mighty proud of the baby steps.

9. This little blog community of ours has seen some change. Hoss is busy kissing Scamp and Fletch and Raehan have retired their sites in exchange for silent blogs. That's not a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination. The ones who want to will stay in touch.

10. I still get more joy out of taking pictures of this farm than anything I can think of, except for sex. With a friend. That I trust. Who can spend the night.

11. The Southern Festival of Books has moved closer to me, thankyouverymuch. My next vacation will be spent in Memphis browsing the literati at my leisure and having a massage or three.

12. It's football time in Tennessee and me and YaYa have a Christmas Eve date. Don't ask what the connection is there.

13. Redneck Friend has a birthday tomorrow. She ain't nowhere near my age, but she's gainin' on me and I like that in a girl. Leos can be such a pain in the ass when they're young.

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