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i know bubba too
My brother is one of those guys who knows everybody and their Mama 'n them. He got into the nightclub business a few years ago with a couple of other guys. It's his third job, if you count the day one and the part time gig at the liquor store. I do believe the boy's got the first buck he ever made. Soon as the doors flew open at that club , everybody who knew him wanted to get in free...it became a joke among the staff. They wore t-shirts that said "I know Bubba too." Gotta love a place with a sense of humor.

I rambled on over there last night to see the energetic Funkmonsters do their thing, and loved every minute of the show. Decked out in wigs and spandex, this group can get even the most timid out onto the dance floor to shake their booties. fm11

The highlight of the evening came when this little gal named Kristin took the stage to sing some Pat Benatar and belted it out like she was ten feet tall and bulletproof. The way she hugged up to the drummer, I kinda figure they're sweet on each other. What do you think?fm6
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