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new drawers and cotton blooms
Fortunately for sugardaddy, I'm not all into the shopping thing like a lot of girls. There comes a time, though, that the Poopster needs to feel the sensation of new threads on the old body, when not bloggin' nekkid. My favorite sleeping attire consists of men's boxers and T-shirts from work bearing whatever slogan the powers that be have decided to grace us with that year, instead of a raise. I keep a few around with no paint on them for when company comes :) The boxers were gettin' ragged...holes in the front and back of several of 'em so I drove up to the dollar store today and got some new ones..Fruit of the Loom, if you must know. Reminds me of my Daddy every time I buy them. That's all he's ever worn under the khaki work pants. No tightie whities for that farmer!

Speaking of farmers, this is a mighty fine year to be a cotton farmer here on Pecan Lane. The fields are lush and green and covered with pink and white blooms thanks to hot and humid weather day after day after day after... Hard to believe that in two short months the pickers will be doing the harvest thing and it will be cool. By then I'll be trying to figure out how to pay the propane guy for heat instead of the city electric company for AC. It's always something, ya know?


My birthday is September 9th...a Virgo to the core, right down to the earth mother thing. It always falls during the week of the Dyer County Fair which begins on Labor Day. My Mom and Daddy both worked there when I was growing up and as a teenager I did too. There's something really special about seeing the fruits of country folks' devotion to nature and community with red white and blue ribbons dangling as a prize for the biggest squash or most artistic flower arrangement. Normally that week is the first break in the miserable late summer weather for West Tennesseans. On a good year, temps will get down to sixty in the evening which makes strolling the midway much more comfortable. There's a free day from school on Friday following the Labor Day holiday so it's a short week for the students and teachers who have already been hard at it since the end of July.

So about this birthday thing...If you can keep up with everybody's on your own, more power to 'ya. I do good to remember MINE. How about we do a b**g birthday calendar to nail down the dates. I'll keep up with it if you'll just let me know when yours is, and I'll send it out to other bloggers that I know. If sugardaddy shows up, I'll hand the project over to somebody else and run away to Fiji.

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