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I got an email late last night from my old and dear friend in Knoxville telling me about the post she did for her son's nineteenth birthday. Of course birthdays are always special, but every one that he lives to see is truly a miracle. Kyle has mitochondrial disease, something I had never heard of until his diagnosis years ago. It has been a long long road for he and his family as they have navigated the stormy seas of non-stop seizures and failure to thrive. There is no doubt in my mind that his family would have given up long ago if it were not for the support they have received from others worldwide, and for the joy and beauty of Kyle's personality. Growing up under the close watch of numerous healthcare professionals he has managed to maintain the joy and wonder of a child while growing into a young man. His mom says that he loves hospitals and getting his blood drawn...and adores the paramedics and firefighters who make frequent calls to take him to the emergency room. It is a lifestyle that many would view as a burden, yet she continues to see his life as a blessing in spite of the obstacles. You can visit his site here and wish him a happy birthday. Scroll down a bit and play the video. It's an awesome tribute to a wonderful angel whose cure might be found in stem cell research. It kind of puts the whole thing in perspective.


And the heat goes on..and on..and on. The Lewis and Clark folks are one week into their re-discovery adventure in dugout canoes. I must say that I truly admire people who have the vision to look back into history and appreciate the significance of those who helped to shape our great country. At the same time, it makes me sad to hear them report about industrial pollution all along the waterways that are home to wild critters and such. A sign of the times, just like the effects of our voracious appetite for fossil fuels.


I told my friend at work today that I had so much that needed to be done that I needed a man for a day or two...a handyman. Remember those guys who would come around and do little repairs for near nothing. Instead, I'm gonna take Lois Lane's suggestion and plan a party where everybody wears work clothes and helps me do shit stuff. How cool is that! First chore on the list is to get the belt back on the riding mower so I can attack the crabgrass. Those little sticky-up-thingys get all over my nerves and they're gettin' off on this hot'n'humid spell. Considering my huge fear of snakes, that's a priority that surpasses installing light fixtures. At the rate I'm going, it will all be finished just in time for the pot-luck following my funeral. You can put it on my gravestone: " Poopie got'her done!"

Y'all be careful out there in the heat. And keep the faith.

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