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barn and hay Well, I've pretty much been a stranger around the b**gosphere lately and haven't had time to visit most of you. I'll try to do better, mkay? I went out the other day at sunset to take some pictures since the weather's cooled off enough to enjoy being outside. The dogs rode to the riverbed with me, and ran behind the car all the way back, with much romping in the soybeans and cotton and a nice swim in the slough. The only thing better would have been to be on a four wheeler. There were fish'a'floppin' and I heard ducks but didn't see them. I did see some deer running through the soybean field, their heads appearing and disappearing in the tall goldness of it. There are turkeys out there too, but the closest I've ever come to seeing one is finding a the feather that is stuck in the Indian corn on my porch. I love me some fall...yep, I sure do.faith in the riverbed 2

Still keepin' the faith here. Hope you are as well ^j^
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