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great news on hoss!
I just got off the phone with Scamp and she said Hoss made it through the surgery fine and is in intensive care but NOT EVEN ON A VENTILATOR! Woohoooooooooo Hossie...way to show 'em! Scamp says he should be going home in a couple of days at which time he will will present his faithful readers with "the hot'n'nasty" whatever the hell that means :)

I talked to Tish shortly after that and she was so terribly sad to be leaving her family for a trip to the East. *sniff, sniff* She's planning on meeting up with this hilarious guy and his wife so, of course, I had to go check him out. She's right..he's a hoot. Be sure to give old Luke a call while you're at it. I have a feeling his experiment got dreamed up during an all-nighter at the frat house.

Speaking of staying in touch....I was about to call Vicki too and realized that all I have are Michigan email and phone numbers. Help a girl out, Vicki!!

Redneck friend (bottom right in this lovely picture) came to a recent gathering of the Kudzu Kweens complaining of shoulder pain from rotator cuff impingement. Damned if I don't have it now. Who would've thought something like that was catching??????
kudzu kweens minus one

Don't worry...we're harmless. *snort*
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