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happy birthday to me
Tenative birthday week agenda:

Monday…Sleep like the dead..it’s a holiday and Dubya is sure as hell on vacation somewhere. Mow the yard just because you’ve got the energy and company’s coming. *Check*

Tuesday……Go to work and look busy. Go back to work and watch boring videos while eating birthday cake with cute little Justin and spoiled rotten Georgia Lee. Kick back on the porch with the home improvement guy and talk about life. *Check*

Wednesday….Go to work again. Gah. This is gettin' old. Forget to turn on the TV one more time and just go with the flow. Take a walk and play with the dogs and see doves flying every damn where. Go to bed early.

Thursday: Go to work AGAIN. Dollar beer for ladies day is upon us at Bev’s Place. Praise the Lord and pass the chips for cheap dates.

Friday…Turn ringer off on phone to avoid call-in for unannounced inspection at dead end job on birthday eve. That would just suck a big one, if you know what I mean. Take a ride on Deb's boat at the lake with all the girls and a few hot guys *wink wink*

Saturday September 9th...Y'all come and see me. You all know where I live and gas is cheap at the moment. Bring beer and and help gather firewood..I have gas and matches and a few power tools.

birthday girl

Sunday: OPEN
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