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dumbass of the day

Umm..that would me, the Poopster. After visiting with friends and stopping by the store to get some gas for the mower, I proceed on down Pecan Lane singin' Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give 'em Something to Talk About" in true karaoke fashion. I eased by the firepile which was cleaned up this weekend with all trash delivered to a dumpster. I hop out of the car to grab the gas can from the back seat and the car starts easing down the slight incline next to the shed. Instinct tells one to stop the damn thing so I'm holding onto the door in a futile effort to stop a car that weighs a ton with my bare hands. And it runs over my foot. And keeps going until it runs smack into the pole of the barbed wire fence. I'm yelling "ohshitohshitohshit" now because if the ancient fence doesn't hold, the car is headed straight to the barn where it WILL stop when it crashes. Luckily, the metal pole just dented the front fender..on the same side where BabyGirl had added had some previous little dings so at least it's got one good side left. And the fence stopped a total wipe out from hittin' the barn. And my foot's not broken only a little sore. And I will surely never again be in such a hurry that I forget to put the car in park before I get out of the blasted thing.

Damned good thing I'm not a rocket scientist. I'm just sayin'.
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