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my day in pictures
early morning cotton You can't beat the view around here with a stick. Farmers Neely and Joey are busy pickin' and baling a record cotton crop here on the farm. Long gone are the days when cotton was picked in sacks or even bound up in burlap and tin straps. Now it's high tech business....the picker picks it, dumps it into a trailer and then it's emptied into a big old thing that makes it into huge bales that are covered with colored tarps. White gold! Next time you enjoy the comfort of wearing cotton, thank a farmer.

There were several hours at the sawmill in between the first picture and the last. We stay busy these days so it passes quickly. Got my flu shot yesterday and it kicked in right about twenty four hours later giving me a sore,hot,red arm and an I-think-I'm-gonna-die feeling. Beats the heck out of being that way for a week, is all I'm saying. Sometimes you have to pick your battles.

Me and my "little" friend, The General, were outside yesterday when the cutest little beagle mix came walkin' right up to us in the parking lot looking for some love. She strongly resembled a dawg I know named Molly and we carried her inside and fed her some treats while I made some phone calls about missing critters. Turns out Molly was with her Daddy and a passer-by said he had seen this one a couple of streets over earlier in the day so we put her out to find her way home. I hope they realize she's had a taste of bacon and likes it. A lot.

Me and my dawgs rambled on over to our favorite sunset spot this afternoon to soak it up. I'm sure you can't see them in this picture, but the deer family was out having supper in the remains of a soybean field. The turkeys were over closer to the river.deer hunter

Just another day in paradise.
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