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not a rant
We're almost 3/4 through with the presidency that seems to have no end. The latest e-mail leaks don't surprise me at all...I put them on the same level with Monica's dress, PR wise. It never ceases to amaze me to what lengths political parties will go to smash each other in the MSM. The drunken old fool who's cooling his Republican heels in rehab is nothing more than the sacrificial lamb in an election year where the people of America, the USA..by the way, are sick and tired of being sick and tired. "The war on terror" has moved from being something we weren't quite sure about to a travesty that everybody endures because we have no voice. I support the troops...and my supportive opinion is to bring their asses home with a tickertape parade and a keg party and call it a war. They signed up to protect our country from a bunch of jihad idiots who need some prozac or quick vaporization to the land of a bazillion virgins or something. I'd much rather have our armed forces here, on our home turf doing homeland security detail. *insert waving flag here*

War is hell, but it's also a moneymaker. The fine line that exists between profiteering and fighting with a strategy was lost about two months into this "conflict." When those charred bodies went swinging on the bridge in Fallujah, it was time to kick ass or get out of the game. When retired National Guardsmen and women got sent halfway around the world without the proper equipment, only Big Ernie watched their backs. You can be sure that the US government wasn't and doesn't to this day. When Cindy Sheehan acted up in Crawford Texas and the entourage ignored her pain, our country saw one if its' saddest moments. The same can be said for Terry Schiavo's painful death at the hands of "compassionate" physician/politician/healthcare profiteer Bill Frist. *insert stock market here*

The way I see it, we want to have a voice in what our government does and that hasn't been the case in quite some time. The only way to do that is to watch the voting records of the candidates and ignore them'n'their'mamas on the TV commercials. Somebody who stands for preservation of the environment with a strong bent toward pro-active programs that don't smack of entitlement has my vote. The other one, who doesn't pander to lobbyists with special interests in the pharmaceutical industry, is my hero. There's a cure for most every disease available right.damn.now yet the FDA and those who stand to profit from long term treatment stand in the way because they want the money to support their extravagant lifestyles. And we continue to let them do it on our tax dollars while Ma and Pa survive on Medicare money. *insert DeLay and Cheney here*

I feel sorry for the children of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their precious little lives have been made richer by the presence of American troops dying in pursuit of their freedom. A significant number of those children and their families have died in the process. Meanwhile, children in America die every minute of every day due to the failure of our government to meet their needs for nurture and a future. That, my friends, is a tragedy. In one of the richest countries in the world today, kids are shooting each other and gettin' fucked up and spending their parents money because nobody cares about their neighbor. Who is my neighbor?

*insert ?? here*

Peace has to start somewhere. Give it a chance.

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