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poopie gets her groove back
Three days of sleeping and trifling and drinkin' beer have revived the old soul that gave up the ghost sometime during the blur of last week. I'm nowhere near 100% but things look a bit better in that I can focus on GMST *gettin' my shit together* instead of sobbing and such. I do so hate to face life with puffy crying eyes..it destroys my image as a smartass and makes me humble. 100_1143YaYa is workin' on her tan blending families in Florida and her fat black cat Rasputin needed some looking after because Carney is also down on the Gulf Coast doing some work with the United Methodist Women helping out Katrina survivors. 'Putin lost his longtime choco-lab friend Mocha a few months ago and has been pissy ever since. So I say "Hey, self...you've got a brown lab that plays well with cats so load her up for the next run!" Bad move. That cat whined and growled from the back of the recliner until Faith laid by the door begging to go home where the cats are nicer and my bed is available for naps. When I went in to feed him today he was sweet as pie 'cuz I was dogless. I think he misses his YaYa.
Stopped by to see Redneck Friend on the way home and we chatted about life and love and poison oak. We both agree that sometimes it sucks a big one and friends are all that get you through the hard times. kudzu and cotton 1I'm a sucker for the magic of a sunset, and today looked good for a trip to my "special place" with Faith and Butterbean. It's right across the road and down the cowpath to the slough. The girls swam and I enjoyed the cool breeze while I snapped a few pictures. Sometimes, when I'm least expecting it, the deer family goes runnin' across the pasture towards the river with their little white tails flashing. I don't reckon the cows mind..they never seem to look up from chewing and following each other in a herd to the next meal.The sun sets about ten minutes earlier down there than on the lowest point of Pecan Lane. Lucikily, I made it in time.

Do I hear an amen?
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