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Y'all have seen a lot of different sides of the old Poopster here day after day. In spite of the hardships, I have tried to put a funny face on things when I felt like cryin'. My rants have been reserved for things that are near and dear to my heart involving honesty, truth and justice. This blog is more than a place to pass time for me...it is my companion and gateway to others out there who know and care about me simply from what I share about myself in words and pictures. Ninety nine percent of it is pure Poopie Jane, redneck rebellious keeper of the faith. The other one percent is probably me exploring the evil twin, but she doesn't get much play because I can honestly say my motives are almost always altruistic. Not that I'm Joan of Arc or anything like that, but..um. You get my drift. Do no harm applies to med techs too.

Times have been very very difficult financially since my decision to end the marriage almost five years ago. Because of that I have stayed close to home and hearth and kept my nose to the grindstone instead of running around lookin' for boytoys or seeing the world. My life has consisted of working hard and soulfully, doing the grief work that accompanies the ending of a twenty year marriage and helping my daughter through the passages that come to a late teen early twenty something with a father who was hell bent on self destruction.

All I ask of you is this...a prayer, sent from the heart in a quiet moment, for direction in my life. I have tough decisions to make regarding my future and I'm afraid. Please ask Big Ernie to give me clarity and purpose, and to show me where I need to put my talents. I won't be around here for awhile. Go and see some of those genius whizzes on the blogroll over there on the left and tell 'em Poopie sent you.

And keep the faith.

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