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Yes indeed...I am a glutton for punishment. As I have often mentioned, my procrastination gets in the way of the best of intentions. So what do I do? Sign up to write a novel in a month. Umm hmm. A couple of years in the past I have half-heartedly attempted it but never got anywhere close to 50,000 words. This year, I'm gonna give it my best effort. I'll be workin' on it over at my other home so as not to bore those of you who come here for the fun stuff. *snort*

If you are not from Tennessee or Alabama, this is just another Saturday to you. HOWEVER, the third Saturday in October is the day held sacred among UT Vol and Bama Tide fans as smackdown time in SEC football. The rivalry is intense, to put it mildly. If we win, you'll hear Rocky Top all the way up in Michigan. If we don't, well...it'll be quiet in the Volunteer State for several days of mourning. Time will tell.

Saturday is also the day of the first "real live" wedding of any of the group of girls that were a constant fixture at my house when Babygirl was growing up. I will be cooking my special cheese biscuits for the reception that will follow all the snot slinging by us parents who raised them from babies. Her parents shared with me the other day that they're choosing music carefully so as not to make it a big sobfest for us old folks :)

I did the early voting thing today and the folks there said that turnout has been heavy thus far, as I expected. There is a hotly contested mayoral election in this little 'burg and a Senate race that should be close as well. In many ways, I think that this election is more important than any in my recent memory. There seems to be an undercurrent of unrest among the people in this country that begs a closer look at candidates and the person behind the media spin. Y'all go sling a ballot for the candidate of your choice. It's the thing our forefathers fought and died for.

It's officially cold here. The temp dropped about thirty degrees with the passage of a rainy make-you-wanna-curl-up-with-a-blanket kind of front that officially ends warm weather in the Southeast. That's not to say that you might not be sweatin' in your Halloween costume, but for the most part we've turned the corner on the summer of '06. Praise the Lord and lower the electric bill...I'm ready for snuggling by the fire with Sugardaddy. Pecan Lane is changing colors hourly with a lot of gold and burgandy and orange replacing the green. The pecan crop looks *meh* so-so this year and the squirrels are going nuts on the treasure hunt. Good thing Hoss and Vicki got theirs off of last year's bounty.

pecan lane in fall
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