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the glass?
Living single with a kid in college has been a challenge financially. I cashed in, with penalties, what little "retirement investment" I had managed to save in order to survive post-divorce. That included default on a loan against my 403b in the amount of 2500 and some change. Just last month the IRS caught up with me and demanded their 800 bucks on that piece of the pie that allowed us to eat. I'll pay them in installments until they grab my refund for 2006. Maybe I won't go to jail before then. Chaps my hide to pay income tax to pad the pockets of war contractors. I'm just sayin'.

The constable hand-delivered today a civil warrant hauling me into court for a charged off Capitol One account that was originally around 1500 but swelled to way over 2000 with their late fees and interest. Next time you get one of their enticing offers in the mail, think twice about it. It is a debt that was charged off several years ago and turned over to a bunch of thugs for collection who called me at work and at home harassing me about what a loser I am because I don't pay the bills. When I sent them a letter asking the goons to back off, the summons was in my hand shortly. Seems that they're the only ones who can be pissy about things and get away with it.

My employer rewarded me with a hefty raise this year that doesn't even cover the cost of the rise in health insurance premiums. And I work in healthcare....go figure. Add to that the cost of adding on BabyGirl as a dependent so that she can be covered for the first time in two years, and I'm already in the hole for showing up at work. She has two jobs and is a fulltime student. Damn, I'm proud of that girl. She sure knows how to keep the faith.

There are others that I owe who know that I will pay them when I'm able, like my brother and a couple of friends who financed my divorce five years ago. Like the propane guy and the dentist and the landlord and the grocery store guy. All of those people who believe that if you extend a hand to a gal in need, the karma will come back around to you because that's what Jesus would do.

The glass is still half full, in spite of it all.

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