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kittens for sale free
Alas! The LSU tigers gave the UT Vols a run for the money and won. There was much cussing and impromptu coachin' up at the Kudzu bar this afternoon. Last I heard, it was all Fat Phils's fault. The way I see it, it just makes for something more exciting than slaughtering the opponent. Heh.

My voice is noticeably squeaky today after singing with Beverly and the Bevettes last night at the top of my lungs and vocal cords. When I went to bed there was one kitten snuggled up to MamaCali in the closet floor. She managed to deliver three more while I slept through labor. Animals are cool like that. They don't require epidurals and keep on trucking with what must be done to care for the litter.

Speaking of family drama...I've had more than my share lately. That's a story for another time but believe me, it's interesting.

Y'all keep the faith. ^j^
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