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live from yaya's house
Me and Amy Claire are hangin' out this fine evening having a beer soda or ten and doing the girl thing. All you guys just go see the football or deer hunting blog and give us some space. She's digging through her closet while I post because, well...we both have a lot of shit to dig through and throw away. God bless her pointed little head though, she got the den floor mopped and ready for the new couch and love seat.

Today at work was much better, thank you Big Ernie. The crew that worked silently through the shitstorm that was yesterday sat around and shot the shit today and patted the boxes in approval as they transferred the critical numbers from instrument to remote printer. Did I ever mention that I'm a low maintenance kind of gal? Give me an easy day at work and it's all good. Except when I get on one of those pity pot kind of deals. Let's not go there, umkay?

Gotta go watch Jim Carrey play the Grinch and orderThe Snowman for Yaya's number one grandchild Robert. Y'all ever seen that one? I love it with all my heart.

You will too.
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