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long day

Way back when...before we had an "information system" to facilitate the process of delivering lab results to the rest of the hospital, we did it all on paper. The tests were run and the results were transferred from the paper instrument printout onto a report form that was manually carried to the patient units where someone put it on the chart for the doc to look at. We had logs for this and logs for that and writers' cramp just about 24/7 from all that data transfer. I won't even mention the days when the instrumentation consisted of a spectrophotometer that read the wavelength of the color produced when chemicals were mixed togther and boiled in a waterbath. I was a young'un then and all about adventure.

Last night the computer system was down for eight hours and we spent the entire day playing catch-up while trying to keep current with the influx of sick and dying. The beauty of computers fades quickly when data has to be manually entered after the fact while working out the bugs in the software update and runnin' to the ER to draw blood from nursing home patients.

If I didn't know better, I'd figure that I'm too old for this crap. Truth is, I probably just need to get laid.
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