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memoirs of a stealth smartass
I hope y'all enjoyed the victory celebrations last night. I went to bed not knowing who the winners were but I found out fairly quickly on the drive to work. The new mayor had a CONGRATULATIONS! sign plastered across the front of campaign headquarters downtown. A few blocks down, a newly elected alderman's front lawn sported a smiley face made out of his campaign signs. Don't you know it was a fun gig makin' that picture! After the election comes the hard part, which is putting feet and hands on the dreams of voters who worked for change slowly but surely over coffee and beer and breakfast, lunch and dinner for several years.

Back in the day, my youngest brother ran for county sheriff against the good 'old boy incumbent and almost won. I remember hoofing it through rural neighborhoods knocking on doors to ask for votes for the new guy. That he even came close to winning was a testament to the fact that Americans are slow to learn, but will eventually embrace change with open arms when they've got a belly full of crap.

A big shout out to my buddy Alan up in PA for getting rid of Rick Santorum. I met Alan right about the time I ran across South Knox Bubba when I first began b**ging years and YEARS ago.

Whaddya say Bubbba?

OK,Then. That's what Poopie sez.
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