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okay, so i lied
Back about a month ago the self-discipline required to be a bona-fide NaNoWriMo participant seemed well within reach for someone who is as prolific with words as I (sometimes) am. HOWEVER, November 1 dawned bright and early drizzly and cold only to find my resolve to write a novel in thirty days gone like the wind that blew the cold front in. What the hell was I thinking????? I haven't even managed a decent number of blog posts lately. Sooooooooo.....

Here's Plan B. NaBloPoMo is an alternative to torturing oneself with visions of grandeur like writing 50,000 words with some sort of plot. Instead, it simply involves a commitment to post to your blog every.single.day during National Blog Posting Month. Some days it may be nothing more than a picture, but I pledge to have something on here every day for your amusement if you take the time to visit.

Now, I can hear those of you in the back snickering about how you just KNEW I didn't have the guts to write a novel in 30 days. And to you, I say " Just wait 'til I find me a SugarDaddy and don't have to work the day job. Then, my pretties, you shall have your novel." Well, after the honeymoon, anyway.

Love ya....mean it. ^j^
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