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old home week
I had forgotten how nice it is to take a few hours and stroll up and down the old blogroll to see what's up with everybody and their mama'n'them. Seems I've been too busy fretting about the bill collectors and Dubya being a dumbass to focus on what's good about my little world like friends who drop in when I least expect it and give me a huge grin with a big old bear hug on the side.

Faith and Hope Butterbean stayed outside last night leaving me to sleep with a big fluffy cat while they guarded the fort against wild coyotes and rebel gangs of squirrels and possums lookin' for food. Me and Faith took a nap today to make up for lost time. I can't hardly sleep without her there next to me.

My friend Vicki way up in Chicago reminded me that the Advent season is about to begin so I best be shopping for candles to go with that wreath on the dining room table. I've got some ideas cookin' for what to give as gifts to the ones I care about. They're very inexpensive but loaded with love.

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