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stuffed and blessed
It's been four hours since we ate Thanksgiving dinner, and I am still full as a tick. In spite of a very sick BabyGirl and an absent baby brother, we ate and visited and generally were thankful for all of the blessings in our lives. One of those things is the grand re-opening of my brother's nightclub this evening after a complete interior remodeling job. Another is that my mother is able to walk again, a long and arduous process that began when she had a bad wreck on the way to Easter church service. The bone in her heel was broken and she spent about twelve weeks in a non-weight bearing cast. When she began physical therapy and started using a cane to walk, her sciatica got stirred up and put her back down for many more weeks during chiropractic care. It was good to see her toddling around today in her kitchen fussin' over the feast.

I was off work today, which is something that many folks take for granted. In healthcare as well as many other public service jobs, holidays are just another day to work. I vividly remember my young daughter's indignation that I had to go to that "stoopid hospital" on Christmas when she was little. How dare them make me work! Heh. This will be my year to work on Christmas Day but I will be off the two days before so we will improvise on the holiday plans as we normally do.

That new litter of kittens in my closet is about to become mobile and I see some serious curtain climbing in their future. Hopefully we can keep Mama cat un-pregnant long enough to get her spayed this time. Faith went to the Kudzu bar with me to socialize with the two other dogs that were present for karaoke night. She had a ball making the rounds and sniffing everybody. Several guys eyed her as good duck hunting companion. Man does that girl love to swim!

Even my intention to post every day this month has fallen by the wayside. It's been a long while since I've been around to visit all of y'all. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to catch up with what's going on in your lives.

Until then....keep the faith. ^j^
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