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deck the halls in shorts and tank tops
......falalalala la la la la. Here I sit a week from Christmas wearing shorts and trying to keep myself from turning the AC on. Hmmm. Tennessee is notorious for its' unpredictable weather and this little taste of spring is par for the course around here. A high temp of around 70 today will moderate to more normal for Santa weather by the end of the week. No chance of snow for the sleigh though. He'll just have to improvise.

The toothache is becoming a bad memory like all unpleasant things eventually do. Other than labor pains, there's nothing more miserable. Thanks be to Big Ernie for nitrous, even though it makes me cry. If it weren't for the gas, I'd have to be strapped down on a papoose board for heavy dental treatments like that.

What shopping I have done will be the extent of it, and it ain't much. Lots of socks and underwear :) Hey..it beats switches and ashes or a lump of coal. I've tried to be a very good girl this year so maybe Santa will remember me. I'm thinkin' about leaving him a kitten instead of milk and cookies. Whaddya think?

I've been trying to get a shot of the kittens crawling in and out of the wood duck box on the front porch but they're quick so I haven't been successful yet. I don't know what it is about cats and crawling through holes but they LOVE it! Needless to say this box won't make it down by the water any time soon.

Merry Christmas eve eve eve eve eve eve eve eve.

Love ya...mean it. ^j^
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