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happy shit
Me and Redneck Friend are lookin' for some good news. Y'all got anything to share? Her boss and his best friend are all about hunting ducks while we work our asses off answering the phone and such. My boss is a duck hunter too, I've heard. I haven't seen him in awhile because he's busy. His loss, I say.

Anywho...last night YaYa danced on the tables at the Kudzu bar and had a damn fine time doin' it. She's been on vacation for a couple of weeks and has enjoyed every nanosecond of it. HER boss is quite the prince in my book. His other half has a new camisole that he bought her for a Santa present and she's just about to bust out of it. I do so love me some happy marriage stuff.

Poops is at a loss as to how to bring in 2007. I could probably get a New Year's kiss anywhere I end up because that's what alcohol does to people. One can only hope I'll get to dance with a cute guy who doesn't tell me I get on his nerves.
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