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more babies

It's calving season here on the farm which keeps Daddy and Bubba busy most afternoons around sunset as they cruise the pastures seeing who got born. Last week they had twins! When I was a little kid, the calves were usually born in the dead of winter and I remember, on more than one occasion, Daddy going out in the middle of the night dressed in insulated coveralls and gloves with a chain to help some poor cow out with the delivery. They've tweaked the breeding schedule to where they're mostly here by the first of the year before the really bad winter weather arrives.
Notice the brand on the bull's backside. I honestly didn't realize that they still did that!

Y'all got your shopping done? Um..not you, Jules. I know you do :) I'm waiting for a payday next week to do what little that I will do. BabyGirl gave me an early gift last week when I was having a bad hormone day. Check it out below.mom

My kid. Gotta love her. ^j^
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