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the poop-o-meter
This blog has been a particularly soft place to land when it comes to gettin' over a good case of the whiney buttitis. Many times the only thing that has kept my faith alive is a comment or an e-mail or a real live card from someone whose life I've stumbled upon...recently, lately and in-between.

I had a tooth pulled out today and the best thing I can say is that at least now I know the pain will have an end. Ain't nothing like a bad toothache to make you realize that your mama was dead on about peaks and valleys and all that sort of boring stuff.

Life is good though, because of the way that..in spite of our control freak inner demons, it turns out okay. You know..the way it was intended to. There's a lot of comfort in drifting off to a nice long sleep knowin' that.

I'm just saying. ^j^
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