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take your cervix to work day
Heh. Catchy title, huh? True to form for my recent streak of luck, I had the pleasure of having a cervical biopsy done Friday afternoon following an abnormal pap smear report. Talk about F.U.N.! Since the specimen is going to the hospital where I work, I just brought the little formalin filled jar home with me to take in on Monday morning. It won't be processed until then anyway. What sounds like even more FUN! is the LEAP procedure that may follow this one if the dysplasia is more than mild. I'll know by Tuesday when the pathologist du jour takes a look see.

The asshole gene continues to amaze me each and every day. When fully expressed it takes rudeness to a whole new level. For instance....take the guy at the Kudzu bar with whom I thought I had a friendly sort of relationship that might grow a bit. The last time I saw him he told me that I "get on his nerves". With a straight face...serious as hell. Okay then, buddy. That was solved in a New York minute by quickly moving out of his personal space with a vow never to get closer than ten feet again. Ever. My bad for even thinking you were worth the effort to begin with.

The tree is up and smells heavenly. Shopping will be sparse to non-existant this year so there won't be much under it but hey...it's beautiful to look at. My ornaments range from funky little BabyGirl made angels to the ones that my mother hand crafted when I was a child out of egg shells. There are several that were on the first tree that she and Daddy had as a married couple. That is what I like best about Christmas...the traditions. Candle number one of the Advent wreath is burning brightly as I type, giving me a sense of anticipation about the miracles of the season. The ceramic angel's wing got broken while unpacking the nativity scene but it's all good. Elmer's glue took care of the damage and she's keeping watch over the stable.

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