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what would big ernie do?
I should know better than to tune into the "local" evening news on the teevee. Tonight's lead Christmas holiday dramatic story on NBC out of Memphis was all about how the senior pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church is on the hot seat for not rattin' out an associate for a confidential confession concerning an "indiscretion" many years ago. All of Adrian Rogers' sheep are up in arms about the fall from grace. His widow swore on camera that he never knew a thing about it and I don't doubt that for a minute. I reckon it means that singing Christmas tree tickets are half price.

In a world without evil, not a one of us would ever sin. That damn snake back in the garden pretty much sewed that one up for the rest of humanity. What I don't understand is how one human being who has been given the gift of a life in paradise could possibly want to mess somebody else's up in the spirit of pitching stones at glass houses. I used to drive myself crazy as a kid tryin' to figure out all this no beginning and no end thing...it seemed too much to comprehend. Daddy told me when I asked him about heaven and hell that he thought heaven was right here on earth, according to what you do with it. Now..don't get me wrong. I still think I'll see him and Mama and all the rest of them out there somewhere doing unto others as they always have. As usual, it seems to be about the journey.

See y'all at the stable.

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