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Don't make the casserole just yet, cuz I ain't dead...just busy as a one armed cat in the litter box. Y'all missed my smart ass didn't ya? C'mon now..'fess up. I've missed you TOO! I mean, gah. You're my best friend and all that. Love ya. Mean it.

Since you asked, I've been extremely busy courting SugarDaddy with the day job and the other one that doesn't pay yet but has involved a whole bunch of manual labor and de-greasing. As I mentioned once before, my brother is part owner of an "event place" that has a kickass industrial kitchen and nobody eatin' anything much which is a crying shame. Seeing as how I come from strong cookin' genes and really ENJOY it, I've decided to give it a whirl. As Big Ernie would have it, I found a very capable business partner in a long time friend named Mary who rides a Harley and will pop a cap in your ass in a heartbeat if you dare to mess with her. We got down to the nitty gritty of scraping old grease off of walls, equipment and ourselves yesterday and it looks mighty good, if I say so myself. One thing is for sure. Once we get to turning food out in that place, don't bother coming around if you're counting carbs or fat grams. Save us all some trouble and go to Subway instead.

Hmm..so what's new? I heard today that Hillary is "in to win." As SKB would say, OK then. The citizens of this country are so hungry for political change that the next two years should be more exciting than a smackdown at the WWF. Let's all do ourselves a patriotic favor and check out sources before we believe what the talking heads say about this one or that one. Oh, and don't forget about the glass house and stone throwing thing too.

I still have three..count 'em...THREE kittens from the last litter scampering about in the yard and eating twice their weight in kitty food. Stopped by the Kudzu bar this afternoon to see how the monster karaoke-fest went last night and all went well for Bev and Terry. Huge night. And I missed it all, snug in my bed with the dawgs resting up for the day job. Dammit.. I bet SugarDaddy was there looking for me, too.

The reading and writing have taken a back seat to going with the flow which means that I have no talent I'm exploring my options and loving every minute of it. That's what it's all about, right?

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