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a day in the life of
...a smartass country girl. I kinda like the sound of that don't y'all? It was nothin' special except for the company I kept. A hump day that began really early and ended with the onset of a gentle yet persistent snowfall. What I hear from those out and about is that the brine laid by road crews the past couple of days isn't worth the salt they used to mix it with. I reckon I'll see in the morning when I venture back out to the sawmill in my trusty Camry which sports three hubcaps and many battle scars.

Something about watching the snowfall just gives me a sense of peace with the world in spite of all the stress and drama that manages to work its' way into every nook and cranny of the waking hours. Accumulating snow is a scarce enough event in West Tennessee to bring out the inner child in just about everybody around these parts. I particularly like the way the cardinals show up against the white background around the feeder and the white stuff piles up on the pecan branches along the lane to and from home.

We sawed a lot of logs at the mill today, which is typical for a Wednesday at Casa Laboratory. In addition to the usual full house, it was our weekly oncology clinic day. Lots of folks needing blood components, both in and out patient with only 5% of the population willing to donate their own. Those aren't good odds, yet we manage to save lives in spite of it. That's what I call faith in action.

All the kitties are in the house with me and BabyGirl tonight because, well. It's cold and wet and cats hate that shit. Faith and Butterbean have been out makin' tracks in the snow and barking at it because it looks different and the coyotes are about to get tuned up.

Today is my friend Lori's birthday. Poor thang is laid up from surgery recovering from an operation and bossing her dearly beloved Bearded Eye Roller around on the household chores. I searched my favorite artist's site for a cup and saucer in her honor, but all I could find with her name on it was this pillow.

Love ya. Mean it. ^j^
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