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do you hear what i hear?

These nights it's all about the song of the coyote here on Pecan Lane. Cold and wet = ducks and Bambi lookin' for high ground with the old Acme wizard right on their tails. Poor thang never does see that anvil fallin' off the cliff.

Actually, it's pretty cool to lay in the bed and listen to my girls jump up out of the warmth and defend the homeplace. Their loyalty makes me feel safe and I can always count on them to keep me warm after they're done raisin' hell. When SugarDaddy shows up it might get a little crowded. I sure do hope he likes sleeping with dawgs.

The view from my front porch in January seldom changes in spite of global warming and Dumb Dubya. The pecan trees are black against a sky that takes on the prettiest colors around sunset time over the farm. Backwater from the Forked Deere floods the low lying parcels of land until May so forget about exploring nature until spring, except by boat. My apologies to Hoss for my leaving him in a Camry stuck in the mud with a whiskey in his hand to die last year. As you can see, his smart ass is alive and well and chasin' Scamp in Oregon in spite of my most diligent efforts to kill him through neglect.

Ladies night was a smashing success for me this Thursday. The old Poopster managed to shave the legs and pits, lotion up and head to bed early all the while drinking dollar beer that I bought all by myself. It's been awhile since I've indulged myself that way. Thanks Deni, for the inspiration.

There is so much so very wrong with this world that it's tempting to see the bad stuff taking over. Many days it is exactly like that, and that's where friends come into the mix. The way I understand Big Ernie is that when you do unto others it comes back around according to how you doled it out once you "got it." If you know what is a matter of honor and choose to ignore it, WOE BE unto you. That's all I have to say about the old covenant. I can honestly say that since I learned right from wrong I've never taken sin lightly, but it can seem like fun at times.

What gets me is these idiots who stand up and preach about perfection and hell and damnation when they conveniently forget that they have hurt other people through their own actions. The very basis of spirituality is a belief that there is a benevolent God who loves each child equally. His or her name might be Buddha or The-Great-I-Am, but the end result is the same for all believers in peace and justice.

It may not be during your life on earth...but what goes around comes around.
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