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Those freakin' control meisters at blogger forced me to join up with the new version of whining-about-my-past-vs-boasting-about-my-accomplishments now that they're out of beta. What I would give to have a blood inventory tracking system out of beta at the day job. Sheesh.

Thanks to Deb and Redneck Friend, I now have my very own feelgood CD to drive around to that consists of my favorite Sugarland tracks. Number one on the list? Tennessee, of course :) I've almost learned the words well enough to sing 'em at the Kudzu bar with lead singer Bev on the other mic.

If you know me at all you'll figure that the hell raising over the war up there in Washington tickles the shit out of me. This has been the longest five years of my life, no doubt. Thanks to Big Ernie, there's some faith out there waiting to be kept. I don't know exactly when or how, but I've begun to believe in miracles again.

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