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i have a dream
It was so rainy and dreary today. Me and the Little General talked about those who were marching through the weather to honor a peaceful loving man named Martin Luther King. "We shall overcome" is not a mantra that knows a specific race or level of hardship. When sung with conviction, it is the song of hope and faith that no matter what life delivers, one can see Big Ernie at work in the stars and the sky and the faces of other human beings. He would have marched, in spite of the weather.

Sometimes this is a hard thing to believe in, sort of like the untouchable Utopia where race and class and gender fail to recognize each other but connect only as souls united in the search for peace and justice. One human touches the least of these and manages to change the life of another for just a moment... or for the generations who remember the fight and pass on the story.

Faith. That's the name of the game.

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