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in with the new
Umm..well. I stood Dick Clark up for our New Year's Eve date. I was all settled in for a long winter's nap when my brother called and suggested that I should come up and hear Primal Heart at Midnight Rodeo. Those guys can rock the house! The lead singer is a nurse at one of my "sister" hospitals in a nearby town and sounds as much like Steve Perry as anybody I've ever heard. Dang, I love me some Journey. Seriously. There were a few surprise treats on the holiday menu too...like Mississipi Queen and Sweet Home Alabama. Good dancin' kind of music. I danced by myself, but nobody told me I got on their nerves. That's always a plus.

Slept a few hours and went back to de-grease that kitchen some more so we can proceed to serve chittlins' at some time in the near future. While I was there about 300 bikers dropped in during their Happy 2007 run. So much leather...so little time. I had to move my car next door so they'd have plenty of hog-parking space. I ran into one father daughter combo that I didn't even know did the bike thing. Small world huh?

My mom and daddy gave me the softest plushest chenille robe for Christmas that I've ever had in my life. It's like a big old sweater that goes all the way down to the floor and comes in real handy for a gal who's conserving propane. I'm all wrapped up in it now and loving every cuddly minute of it. I had my blackeyed peas, pork and a bit of broccoli-and-cheese instead of cabbage. Maybe that will work to make me enough money to get the debt collectors offa my ass.

P.S. I still have three kittens, all wormed and precious. Anybody want one for Lent?
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