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leaving room for the drummer
Back in the day when I was first divorced and tryin' out my new single woman status, I would roam through Yahoo chatrooms trying to have a conversation with somebody besides a bot. I formed exactly three real life friendships from that experience with the WWW. The first was with a music dude in Memphis who did scores for the Air Force Band in between phone work and doin' headstands in piles of shit. Called himself a musical whore. He taught me about discipline and miracles. Last I heard he was headed for California to marry his true love. Never even met him in person, but he was my best friend for a few months. Jingleaire extraordinaire :) Love ya..mean it.

I met the other two at different times when I least expected it and most needed somebody who cared. Sandra lives up near Reelfoot Lake with her husband Brian and they both work at the local pork factory on the kill floor. Sanner was my personal assistant in the chat rooms, always on the lookout for cool guys to send my way. When a tornado went right by my house on Pecan Lane and dropped a tree on the roof, she and Brian showed up with a chainsaw and we got 'er done. Got a Christmas card from them this past month. Love ya both...mean it.

The Eagle showed up sometime later on my front porch during a cold January evening when I was busy folding towels in my jammies. He was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by and see exactly who this gal was that sounded so down on life and love and such. Boy got more than he bargained for, if you know what I mean. Poor thang has had to listen to me cry and sling snot over every little thing since then. That's what friends do. Love you too.

That shit poop got old quick and I moved onto blogging as a way to meet new people. That's when I found out that this big old world gets smaller every day. Every tear that I've cried and rant that I've thrown has brought some sort of blessing back to me in the form of a friend who listens to my heart and responds at just the right moment. That's what friends do.

The musical whore talked about things like leaving room for the drummer. I still thank him for those words of wisdom and intend to explore my options.

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