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my (most recent) day in court

Courtrooms and judges just give me the heebiejeebies. Most of my experiences have been user friendly as in divorce #1 and #2 and the child custody thing with Kimo, which is a story for another day. My pro-bono attorney friend was busy in Honduras doing some mission work so he sent one of his associates to defend my honor against the evil credit card company. A continuance was granted to give me time to come up with the money, plus attorney's fees for Capitol One Bank. Maybe Junior will be back in the country by then.

I had an advocate in that courtroom today, but many do not. My advocate knows that I've struggled for years to make a living as a single mom with a kid in college. He knows that my ex promised to pay for BabyGirl's car and health insurance and spent the money on meth and crack instead.

The constant in all of this has been our home on Pecan Lane where the coyotes and the easter bunnies play. Squirrels too. And doves. Ducks. Turkeys. Hummingbirds. Deer. You name it, we got it here on this little piece of paradise.

This picture is my mama's favorite of the road to home. So far there hasn't been any snow, but it's early yet to say it won't happen in West Tennessee.
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