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not your average groupie

Last night was a big deal at my brother's place. Hundreds came out in the monsoon rains to see Jimi Jamison, formerly of the group Survivor. Being a part of the woodwork has its' perks when it comes to taking pictures so I managed to grab this shot of the band after their show.
The opening band was The Remains , a trio of DJ's from West Tennessee's premier rock station, who worked the crowd up into a frenzy before Jamison and his bunch took the stage and made them BEG for "Eye of the Tiger."

I've always been a music freak but don't make the effort to travel two or three hours to the larger cities for concerts so cover bands are just the ticket for small towns like the 'burg. BabyGirl seethes with jealousy over the musical greats that I got to see as a teenager and young adult like Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, The Allman Brothers, Linda Ronstandt, James Taylor and many many more. Back in the day, ticket prices were within reach for the average kid. That's not the case these days. After everybody and their brother gets their cut and a service charge it's almost cheaper to buy a plane ticket.

Anyhoo.....my poopie old butt is just about wore out from all that singing and chair dancin'. And tomorrow is Monday. Again.


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