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ashed and blessed
Nobody threw me any beads on Fat Tuesday so I celebrated by having one of my world famous nuclear meltdowns. You know the kind...I'm sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired and I'm gonna go out and eat a bug. After I cry all over you by phone. And make you wonder if I'm gonna commit suicide and you're the last person I talked to. Not!To!Worry! friends and neighbors. Poops is so not into pain it ain't even funny so that's not an option here in the land of faith on Pecan Lane. Sometimes a girl just needs to cry and when there's no significant other well...it's a tough job, but somebody has to listen. Thanks for loaning me your men now and then ladies. They love it, ya know? Kind of like having multiple wives with all the snot slingin' and "fine then."

I went to visit my good friend Kimmy the physician's assistant today and she hooked me up with some treatment for this cold or whatever the hell it is that has hung on for a month. Lots of albuterol and antibiotics and new antidepressants! Kim is four weeks away from delivering babygirl #2 and ready to get her done. We worked together, she as a phlebotomist and me as a Poopster, back in the day when she was earning her degrees. What a blessing we have been to each other, like many folks that I've spent time with at the sawmill. She and Brandy Nicole,the nurse, taught me just how far a girl can go when she decides it's time to buckle down.

Me and Yaya were gonna go to church *gasp* and get ashed this evening but I decided that somebody with almost pneumonia should stay her butt home. We wouldn't want the walls to fall in on us or anything like that. Traditionally, folks give up something they are really hooked on as an act of repentance during Lent. During the past five years I've given up spending money on myself, sex and drugs (not rock'n'roll though) and giving a rat's ass about what people think. This year I think I'll just give up the past and the future and enjoy the ride. It's a journey, after all.

Y'all go tell Jules a big old Happy Birthday. And leave nekkid hot stud pictures. That's all she wants, besides tequila. Is it just me, or does that worm look scared?

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