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from a girl called tennessee
Well, y'all. To someone with music in her soul like me the Grammy show is akin to smokin' crack. This year's edition should be named the Mary J Blige/Carrie Underwood lovefest..I reckon they deserve it don't you? Boo Hiss to whomever lined up Rascal Flatts for the Eagles tribute. How come the real deal wasn't there.. knowhwhatimean? I'd have much rather heard RF do their own stuff. John Mayer is hotter than ever. Seriously. I discovered the lovely voice of Corrine Bailey Rae and finally got to see what Gnarls Barkley looks like. Listening to "Crazy" in slow-mo almost drove me over the edge. The Police were right on where they've always been, smack in the middle of my heart.

But the sweetest thing of all? Those Dixie Chicks back on the stage where they belong. They kept the faith, and the rest of the country has finally come around. Gotta admire that kind of makin' nice.
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