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is it thursday already??
*gasp* How time flies when you're having fun :) Sounds like a good enough reason to throw out thirteen random thoughts.

1. Enough with winter, already. Yeah, I know...it was late gettin' here but geez. Do I hear an amen from the the northeast and midwest? Kindly remind me of this post when I'm sweating my ass off in July.

2. My Valentine's flowers got lost in the mail but I got some kickass cards and well wishes from people who adore me for the smartass country gal that I am. Surely true love will find such a diamond in the rough and whisk her away on a four-wheeler.

3. If you're an asthma patient who has relied on Primatene Mist as an OTC remedy, you can thank the FDA for emptying the shelves without notice. Seems the feds were concerned about the aerosol propellant "damaging the ozone." Call me cynical, but it sounds to me more like the work of a lobbyist for a big fat honkin' presciption drug company.

4. How about that Dubya...ain't he a piece of work? Just goes to show you that even when addicts quit their drug of choice, they find something different to get off on. Like invading countries with our dwindling national guard and escalating national debt while leaving the homeland wide open.

5. Note to homeland security: I am not a terrorist.

6. In spite of what you may believe, doctors are not gods and they mess up sometimes. So do schoolteachers, astronauts, med techs and all the rest of Big Ernie's kids. Who the hell guaranteed YOU the right to lawyer up and get big money not because of neglect, but because "shit happens?" It certainly wasn't Abe or George. Happy birthday boys ^j^

7. The housework continues, with a picture hung here and something thrown on the firepile there. This old homeplace is looking more and more like mine these days with little things in every nook and cranny that scream Pecan Lane and the Poopie family.

8. A friend's a friend forever, if they're really a friend. If not, you didn't lose anything but an acquaintance.

9. Carbs are good. Just ask any of my dieting friends who are doing without these days. Healthy stuff is tasty in moderation. Too much of it resembles the menu on Survivor or Fear Factor.

10. McDreamy pulled her out of the water. You GO boy!

11. Yesterday was my parents' 53rd anniversary. I missed the fiftieth party at Reelfoot Lake because my evil dentist did a number on me that afternoon. Pretty soon I'll have him paid off, along with the IRS.

12. HOLY SHIT! I'll be 52 in September. See #11 for proof of parentage.

13. What goes around comes around, especially with faith.

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